Still No Donor Info From United Republic

danjoseph | April 13, 2012
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A few weeks ago, MRCTV visited a rally in downtown DC that was billed as a gathering of protesters demanding "justice" for Trayvon Martin.  But, as you can see, when westarted asking protesters about Trayvon Martin's death, we were accosted by some of the event's organizers who represented a website called "Republic Report."



Republic Report is a blog kept up by a group called "United Republic." United Republic is a liberal advocacy group that wants to get money out of politics.  They are primarily concerned with money that goes to conservatives.  

The two Republic Report representatives interrupted our interviews and questioned us repeatedly about where the Media Research Center gets its funding.  They then mocked and ridiculed me when I couldn't tell them off the top of my head.   

When I asked the two inquisitors about who Republic Report's donors were, they had no idea.  This seemed a pretty hypocritical.

Of course MRC's donors are online for all to see. But, ironically, to this day, Republic Report still has no listing of their donors on any of their websites.  

This seems a bit strange for a group whose sole purpose is to expose what it sees as the corrupting influence that money has on American politics.  

Contact Republic Report and ask them where they get their funding. If they ever make those records public, it would be interesting to see what other groups or candidates those United Republic donors send money to.


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