Sticker Shock: Trump Supporter With Stickers On Car Attacked At Gas Station

Eric Scheiner | August 5, 2020
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A man with Trump stickers on his vehicle was allegedly shouted at and shoved while pumping gas in Oregon. 

The Redmond Spokesman reports that District Attorney John Hummel announced charges this week.

51 year-old Daniel Kaough has been charged after allegedly shoving Dobbs Pressley and challenging him to a fight after pulling into a gas station.

On July 17, Pressley was gassing up his vehicle, which is adorned with numerous stickers and placards showing his support for President Donald Trump, when the women started yelling at him, according to Hummel.

Kaough got between them, shoved Pressley, 59, and challenged him to a fight, according to the district attorney's office.

KTVZ reports that police responded to the scene and de-escalated the situation.

Kaough has been charged with harassment.