Stevie Nicks Comments On Her 'Choice' To Abort Resurface - Bring Out Dark Twitterati

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 17, 2022
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Perhaps due to the leak of a draft Supreme Court decision that could overturn the 50-plus-year-old “Roe v. Wade” ruling, a 2020 Guardian interview with singer-songwriter and Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks made the rounds on Twitter over the weekend, with the expected left-wing focus on, and support for, her admission that she obtained an abortion in 1979 while she was dating Eagles performer Don Henley.

Which, due to the fact that political forces and tax-funded governments rule our lives, places many of us in the unenviable position of not just pondering the morality of her actions, but of seeing how flippant many people have been, as they didn’t just defend her, but, in a sense, applauded her and held her up as virtuous.

In the original Guardian interview, Nicks commented on the death of former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and offered, in part:

If I had not had that abortion, I’m pretty sure there would have been no Fleetwood Mac.

Wow. In addition to being factually wrong about the “no Fleetwood Mac” claim – because the band had existed for years prior to her and Lindsay Buckingham joining – this reflects priorities that, certainly, many people would find wholly off-kilter and ethically barren – a complete misreading of what is important about our God-given existence and opportunity to foster God-ordained life.

It also fosters prayers that she might change her perspective someday…

And, again, because of the fact that politics is involved, it forces us to look at a sampling of how some Americans reacted via Twitter.

The shallowness, the sheer moral emptiness, of some of these reactions is stunning. In virtually every one of the “supportive” or “celebrating” Tweets, one sees an almost deranged dislocation from reality and from what life truly is.

The leftist Tweet that seems to have inspired many of her ilk to dive in and swim those shallow waters came from Kristin Chirico, who notes she formerly worked for BuzzFeed’s “Ladylike” and now does something called the “Kitchen and Jorn Show,” she also notes that her fantasy pronouns include “she/they,” even though it looks like she is just one person.

Screen-capping a comment from a pro-life imgur user who had found a BuzzFeed recap of the Nicks Guardian interview, Chirico showed the Buzzfeed quote:

Stevie Nicks opened up about her abortion and said ‘There would have been no Fleetwood Mac’” and Chirico showed the pro-life comment, which read, “Yes, because a band is more important than a human life!

And Chirico flippantly retorted:

Have you heard Fleetwood Mac though

Which makes the heart sink.

And it gets worse.



Taking a screen-cap of another pro-life commenter, Chirico showed us that the person observed:

It’s a little insulting to assume that pregnancy ruins a career. Plenty of people make it work. And I remind you of Fleetwood Mac’s classic lyric (from ‘Landslide’):

‘Well I’ve been afraid of changin’

‘Cause I’ve built my life around you

But time makes you bolder

Even children get older’

But they don’t when you don’t give them that chance. What a tragedy.

To which Chirico snarkily replied:

Also, lmao at this comment.

It is with a mixture of justified offense and sadness that one sees this and other approaches to the killing of that long-lost human being.

Omar Rivero, the founder of Occupy Democrats, Tweeted:

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks opened up about her abortion at the start of her singing career, saying, ‘If I had not had that abortion, there would have been no Fleetwood Mac’ because she was ‘working so hard’ on her career at the time. RT TO SPREAD HER POWERFUL STORY!



A Twitter user going by the sickly apropos handle “Severed Head” offered this bit of upside-down priority promotion:

I’m so thankful Stevie Nicks got an abortion

Another Twitter user  (pronouns available on her Twitter, of course) offered:

Fleetwood Mac is definitely more important. And Stevie Nicks is a queen. I will not stand for insults against her.

Twitter user “Val” said:

stevie nicks can googoo gaga but a baby could never perform the chain

The mind reels.

The selfishness. The inability to comprehend how their own attitude is self-consuming. If they celebrate the fact that Stevie made all that music, why do they think it’s such a great achievement? Many believe it helped their own lives, or the lives of others. So where does their logic take them? How many can be killed in order to bring pleasure to the lives of others?

And if it’s about making life valuable, doesn’t that mean the prerequisite is LIFE?

How can a life be bettered if it’s snuffed out?

It’s all very thoughtless, very sad, and very, very dark.

I would give up every piece of music I’ve ever heard to have the opportunity to hug my mom once more and tell her I love her. And you know what? It’s not about what I might want. Human beings have a God-given right to live free from attacks by others, and it is not my place to justify the existence of another person based on how I view the value of his or her life to me.

The primacy of existence is proven at the moment of conception..

And if these pop-culture zombies cannot conceive of that, they represent a very sad, very troubling portion of modern culture.

It is a culture that places convenience over the conceived, that values personal comfort more than the lives of others, that thinks the beat of a drum is more valuable than a human heartbeat – a heartbeat that is required to build and play that drum.

It is a culture so wrapped-up in fantasy that they don’t know that life is all about…

Which is about respecting the life God creates.


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