Stephen A. Smith Says Cowboys Won't Sign Kaepernick Because Texas Is 'Too Patriotic'

John Simmons | September 13, 2022
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We’ve watched one week of the new NFL season, and we’re already hearing calls for Colin Kaepernick to get a second shot in the NFL.

On Monday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith, ever the voice of reason, implored the Dallas Cowboys to give everyone’s favorite race-baiter a look at becoming an emergency fill-in after starting quarterback Dak Prescott injured the thumb on his throwing hand in the first game.

But it wasn’t just another boneheaded plea for the NFL to resurrect Kaepernick’s career; Smith also seemed to throw shade at Texans in the process.

Stephen A Smith thinks the Dallas Cowboys should give Colin Kaepernick a call, despite that he hasn’t played in over 5 years.

He says they won’t, though, not because he isn’t good enough but because Texas is too “patriotic.”

More good stuff from ESPN. 🤦🏻‍♂️

— Dan Z (@OutkickDanZ) September 12, 2022

“But I don’t think it will ever happen, because this is Texas,” Smith said. “And the state of Texas, you understand what I’m saying, the patriotic individuals that they pride themselves on being, since, you know, the whole Kaepernick situation was hijacked, that narrative was hijacked, to them, it’s that and Jerry Jones is not going to let that get in the way of business.”

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Ah Smith, ever the classy individual, especially with those he disagrees with.

Texans are unashamedly patriotic, and the rest of America should learn from their example. So in the unlikely event that the Cowboys considered Kaepernick for an emergency replacement, one would expect that a bunch of America-loving Texans would be disgusted with that choice. 

But Smith is always on the lookout for how to twist the knife in the sides of those who don’t view the world through his glasses, whether it's about politics, sports, or life in general, and he did it again here.

Once again, ESPN continues to find ways to outdo itself with garbage reporting and commentary.