Stephen Miller’s New Legal Group Gives Parents Tools to Protect Kids from Public Schools

Gabriel Hays | February 2, 2022
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For parents who are worried that public schools are going to get one over on them and indoctrinate their children with horrible CRT/LGBTQ curriculum, former Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller is using his new non-profit to empower parents with the legal know-how to protect their impressionable kids.

Fox News reported about this initiative from America First Legal (AFL), a non-profit started by Miller in order to provide legal protections for citizens from "unconstitutional executive overreach."

The non-profit has developed a guide for “helping parents assert their rights in reviewing their child’s school curriculum.”

Essentially this “toolkit” will inform parents about their rights in requesting and seeing the educational material their children are getting in the classroom. That way, parents can find out if teachers are promoting racist or sexually-disturbing lesson plans and put a stop to them.

Thankfully, the AFL has pointed to the exact amendment that parents can appeal to in this legal battle. The piece stated that the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment of 1978 (PPRA) “gives parents the right to inspect all learning materials at schools that receive federal funding.”

That already seems to be an indispensable resource for American parents, many of whom are coming forward with shocking stories about how public schools are teaching their children detestable things without their knowledge.

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AFL cited the PPRA, which stipulates that parents are allowed to see “all instructional materials, including teacher’s manuals, films, tapes, or other supplementary material” involved in the child’s curriculum - though schools are not obligated to provide such information unless it's been requested.

As Fox’s piece explained, the Amendment also requires that “parents have the right to review and opt out of certain surveys and studies that ask students for personal information like religious and political leanings.” 

Sounds like parents aren’t completely helpless when it comes to their children possibly becoming programmed wards of the state.

“The purpose of this endeavor from America First Legal is to let parents know what their current rights are under federal law," Miller told Fox News, speaking of the significance of the "toolkit."

Miller added that these are things that the ACLU “should be doing, but aren’t doing because they have fallen prey to a political agenda.” 

Thankfully, America First Legal is here to take up the mantle of actually caring about Americans’ rights. Someone's got to do it. 

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