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Stephanie Grisham Announced As New White House Press Sec.


After Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared her imminent departure as White House press secretary earlier this month, the long wait for who her replacement announcement is finally over. 

After weeks of baited breath, it was officially announced Tuesday Stephanie Grisham, former spokeswoman for the First Lady, has been picked to replace Sanders.

In an announcement on Twitter, the First Lady herself said that her longtime spokeswoman would be taking Sanders’ old spot.



Initially a press aide with the Trump campaign, Grisham also served as a deputy to the president’s first press secretary, Sean Spicer, who said Grisham was a “fantastic choice,” according to CNBC.

Almost immediately proving why she is so beloved by the Trump family, especially the First Lady, Grisham attested to CNBC that she would continue working for the First Lady while serving as the White House’s press secretary. 

Grisham gained a reputation for her political cunning while serving under Melania Trump. One must wonder what she’ll bring to the table as the newest official White House spokeswoman.

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