Steelers Stephon Tuitt Won't Kneel for the Flag and 'Screw Anybody Who Have a Problem With That'

Nick Kangadis | July 28, 2020
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You gotta love how the “enlightened” masses on social media will call for the head of anyone who strays from their pre-approved path, but demand respect whenever its their opinion that they want to take center stage. In this case, one NFL player spoke his mind and stood up for himself on Twitter and doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt sent out a tweet on Monday in which he said, in no uncertain terms, that he won’t be kneeling during the national anthem before games this season — if there’s even a season. Oh and by the way, he doesn’t really care if anyone likes it or not.

Well, I’ll give Tuitt credit. He’s got no problem taking the heat from the mob on the cancer that is Twitter. A lot of the responses gave the typical ‘that’s not why they’re kneeling’ defense, which if that was completely true, why do they only protest during the anthem when you’re supposed to be facing the flag?

I’m not going to post the responses, because they all sound the same. I can break it down for you in two sentences: ‘That’s not what the protests are about.’ ‘I’m sorry you don’t understand what the kneeling is about.’

Rinse. Repeat. Ad nauseam.

Good for Tuitt. So far, it seems as though he really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his stance considering he’s only made a veiled response to the haters — ‘Shut out the Noise and Work.’


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