States Graded On Coronavirus Response & Reopening

Eric Scheiner | May 4, 2020
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FreedomWorks and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity have released a new report: Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies.

The report grades the nation’s governors on how they have, and are continuing to, respond to the Coronavirus. 

The report takes into account the severity of the virus in each state and the need of governors to protect their citizens and keep them healthy. It assesses how measured or damaging their actions have been with respect to safeguarding the economic well-being of their citizens. 

It examines lockdown orders, business closures, hospital and outdoor activity orders, and the degree of punitive actions on enforcing these measures. It also measures the start dates for reopening in each state as the evidence is very strong that states with late start dates will have much more severe recessions than states that open earlier.

For the complete report click here.

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