State Attorneys General Petition Biden To Protect Women's Sports In Schools

John Simmons | May 24, 2023
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Almost two dozen state attorneys general have insisted that the Biden administration does not go through with its plans to alter the language of Title IX to require government-funded schools to allow biological men to participate in women’s sports.

The Department of Education (DOE) proposed a language change to Title IX in April, which has disturbed many in the feminist and conservative camps. The proposed amendment is rather ironic because DOE Secretary Miguel Cardona can’t even define what a woman is.

To date, 25 conservative governors have already pleaded with the Biden administration to not make this change, and now the AGs have joined the fight.  Kris Kobach of Kansas, Lynn Fitch of Mississippi, Tim Griffin of Arkansas, Todd Rokita of Indiana, and Jonathan Skrmetti of Tennessee have all authored original letters, with a dozen others signing them. The letters contain a mix of legal and policy arguments that make the case for keeping Title IX as it is written.

“Biological men and women have genetic differences - that’s just a scientific fact. Many of those biological differences often lead to men being taller, stronger, and faster - therefore putting them at an athletic advantage.” Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares said. “That’s exactly why we have women’s sports, and why Title IX exists - to create an environment where our female athletes can thrive, be competitive, and be celebrated.”

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According to Breitbart, the letters - which read like legal briefs - will force the DOE to respond to the arguments in the letters. This could be used against the DOE if a legal battle ensues.

Miyares believes that the DOE’s actions are a gross overreach of its power, which in part prompted him to side with the original five AGs.

“The federal government is once again overstepping Congress and the individual states by forcing every public school to allow biological boys to play on the girls’ teams, threatening the future of women’s sports and disregarding the privacy and safety of teenage girls,” Miyares said.

While it is unclear what the results of that legal battle may be, the petitions form the AGs show that more people in power are willing to push back against the tide of the transgender movement.

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