'Squad' Rep. Ayanna Pressley: 'You Can't Be Anti-Racist' If You're Against Student Debt Forgiveness

Brittany M. Hughes | April 13, 2021

Socialist “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley says you’re a racist if you don’t support canceling student loan debt.

Because, as we all know by this point, everything is racist – and you’re a racist if you aren’t fully onboard with the socialists’ entire, asinine progressive agenda. 

Rather than make a cohesive argument for canceling student loan debt and explaining how in the world a country that’s $24 trillion in debt is going to pay for it, the Democrat congresswoman from Massachusetts simply threw down the race card in a tweet Monday, declaring “"You can't be anti-racist if you're anti student debt cancellation.”

Because we’ve apparently replaced logic, reasoning and coherent discussion with simply saying grammatically incorrect catchphrases on social media. 

To back up the argument she doesn’t bother to expound upon herself, Pressley then linked to a Washington Post article that claims that while more than half of all student loan debt is held by white students, black students tend to have more debt per person than their white counterparts, and that the percentage of student loan debt held by minorities is growing. Which, somehow, is the fault of all the people who didn’t sign up for that student loan debt, and who are now filthy white supremacists if they don’t agree to use their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for someone else’s voluntarily obtained degree.

Which begs the question, why stop at student loan debt? Do Black Americans not have electricity bills? Mortgages? Car payments? Why not cancel all debt entirely to avoid forcing non-white people to pay for things at all - which, apparently, Democrats think minorities are too stupid and inept to do? Of course, following that logic through to its natural conclusion not only reveals the stupidity of such "debt-calculation" plans, but also reveals the actual racism evident in Democrats' assuming minorities can't do for themselves without constant help from their benevolent government overlords.

But unfortunately, in 2021 America, simply slapping the label of "racist" on any given issue has replaced actually having to make a cogent case in favor of a policy or piece of legislation. Such low-level pandering makes one wonder how much Pressley paid for her degree in Laziness 101.