Spurs Coach: Mass Shootings Are All Due to White Republicans

Jay Maxson | June 5, 2022
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San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich popped off Saturday at the “Stand with Uvalde” fundraiser in Texas, during which he shamed supposedly selfish white men in the 50-80 age range for screwing up everything in hopes of maintaining their political power.  

“I’m sick and tired of 50- and 60- and 70-year-old white men screwing up all our lives because they are selfish and really care about nothing else but their position,” Popovich raged, blaming the demographic for America's rash of mass shootings.

Let's take a closer look at his inflammatory charges.

Popovich blamed white men in their 50s, 60s and 70s for America’s problems. But he's 73 and a member of that age group, and he offers no viable solution for mass shootings. 

On the other hand, Salvador Ramos was an 18-year-old Latino man who snapped psychologically and killed 21 people in the Uvalde rampage. Troubled people like him going ballistic in public places are the problem. 

Popovich blasted U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-Rep), age 51, for focusing on mental health as the leading cause of mass shootings instead of gun control legislation.  

Cruz, a Latino man himself whose father was born in Cuba, is absolutely right about the mental health issue, which is a politically incorrect position to take in the view of gun-grabbing zealots like Popovich. 

Popovich also says he hears too much about thoughts and prayers after horrific crimes, but not enough action by lawmakers, saying: 

“We’ve heard all of the comments on television from some of our government officials about ‘thoughts and prayers and condolences.' They are the same statements after every massacre.” 

It’s foolish to think it hurts to have people appeal to God for His hedge of protection. When it comes to prayers, America turned its back on God by making government schools prayer-free zones. This nation needs more protections for the first liberty in the Bill of Rights, and more prayer - not less.  

Popovich is saying nothing new, but simply parroting what the rabid Left's talking points - which are very selective on which crimes demand gun control. It’s the lone, crazed gunman shooting up movie theaters, malls and schools, and never about the literal war zones in our big cities.

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