Special for Earth Day! Climate Scientists Find Antarctic Was WARMER a Century Ago

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 17, 2018
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The annual “Big Day” is coming, and this doesn’t have anything to do with sports – unless one widens the meaning of "sport" to mean the widespread practice of lying and preying upon people through political means.

Nope. This day actually has to do with religion: the religion of the false god of Climate Change that will be heralded on high come Earth Day on April 22.

And what better way to celebrate Earth Day than to reveal more information that calls into question the claims of the Global Warming Cult alarmists and shines a skeptical light on questionable data produced by politically connected groups and government agencies?

Happy Earth Day early: As James Murphy reports for The New American:

The Japanese Meteorological Agency’s research outpost, Showa Station in Antarctica’s Queen Maud Land, reports a slight cooling trend, even as atmospheric CO2 levels rose sharply from 1985 until 2017, according to Japanese climate blogger Kirye

And that’s not the last of the clarity offered in Murphy’s report. In fact, it turns out that, contrary to what the climate alarmists have spouted, the whole of the Antarctic continent likely was once much warmer.

…we’re not talking about going back to the Jurassic Period. This study by Ryan Fogt and Megan Jones of the Department of Geography and Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis at Ohio University notes that much of the continent’s temperature was exceptionally high during the Amundsen and Scott expeditions of 1911/12.

Indeed. Those of us who are fans of the heyday of Arctic Exploration might find this of particular interest:

From the study: 'Amundsen and his crew experienced temperatures that peaked above negative 16 degrees C on the Polar Plateau on 6 December 1911, which is extremely warm for this region.... Scott also encountered unusually warm conditions at this time.' The current average summer temperature for the Polar Plateau at the South Pole -28.2°C.

And one of the most salient observations Mr. Murphy makes is that we need to remind ourselves that the Antarctic is vast, almost as large as the egos of some politicians spouting Climate Change nonsense and false data, and, since it’s so big, politically-oriented scientists with agendas can easily pick and choose areas on the continent to derive their data.

For example:

In a study of 13 stations from all over the continent, 10 of the stations show no trend of temperature increase and some show a slight decreasing temperature trend. Three of the stations, all of them located on the Antarctic Peninsula, show a slight warming trend. Besides the raw data listed above, two recent scientific studies confirm these observations.

And guess what location many Climate Change alarmists use as the focus of their reports? Yeah, you got it, the Antarctic Peninsula.

Or, if you’re Al Gore, you can keep focusing on what’s known as the Larson C Ice Shelf, which is the size of the state of Delaware, and recently saw a piece break away to go on vacation. According to Gore, the shelf has been decreasing in size – kind of like his reputation as a truth-teller when it comes to Global Warming – but, in fact, this is incorrect.

In fact, the ice on the majority of Larsen C has been thickening. Also, the break-off of Larsen C will not have any impact on sea levels, since the portion of ice that broke off was already afloat, therefore, it is only displacing itself.

But—but… How can politicians gin up fear if honest scientists keep producing data that contradicts their claims of anthropogenic Climate Change? We have to stop reports like Murphy’s, have to stop quotes like this:

Swansea University glaciologist Adrian Luckman was surprised by all the fuss. 'We’ve been surprised by the level of interest in what may simply be a rare but natural occurrence,' Luckman wrote. 'Because, despite the media and public fascination, the Larsen C rift and iceberg ‘calving’ is not a warning of imminent sea-level rise, and any link to climate change is far from straightforward.'

That just won’t do. After all, April 22nd is approaching, and everyone knows humanity must bow at the altar of man-made Climate Change cultism. Our god is also to be our emperor. And woe unto anyone who should speak the verboten words:

The Climate Change Emperor has no clothes.