Spain Claiming Coronavirus Tests It Bought From China Not Detecting Positive Cases

Nick Kangadis | March 27, 2020
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Well well. If this report is true, then it just goes to show that yet another product made in China is inferior to products made elsewhere.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that the testing kits that were purchased to detect coronavirus - also known as COVID-19 - correctly identified positive cases only 30 percent of the time.

It's said that these kits are of the rapid testing variety, which are "generally less accurate" than a standard test, according to Business Insider.

The English edition of El Pais reported:

Health Minister Salvador Illa said the government has sent the tests back to a company named Shengzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology after Spanish microbiologists reported that the first 9,000 tests correctly identified positive cases only 30% of the time, when experts recommend a sensitivity of at least 80%. The story was first reported by EL PAÍS on Wednesday, and the Health Ministry has since confirmed it.

The discovery will further delay attempts at testing a larger segment of the population in order to detect and isolate positive cases and slow down the pace of transmission, following World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

Thank God that the number of unreliable Chinese-manufactured tests were limited to around 9,000, because it was also reported that Spain purchased 640,000 of these tests to try and get a grasp on the scope of the virus' reach in their country.

Isn't well past time that we stop trusting anything coming from China? The people who are under the government's thumb aren't to blame, but their communist government - who by the way allows very little safety regulation on the manufacturing of goods in their country - is trying to play the world for fools. In some cases, they're succeeding. Just watch CNN or MSNBC. Actually, don't do that.