South Park Creators Stun Leftie Awards Audience: 'We're Republicans!'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 29, 2018
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In their prolific work as filmmakers and creators of the heroically politically incorrect and hilarious cartoon “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone have consistently skewered politicians and their dumb, unethical ideas for a long time.

In fact, in an industry dominated by collectivists – a domination that often smothers pro-freedom ideas -- Parker and Stone have set their skewers over hot flames of sarcasm and well-deserved ridicule, and relished in spinning the piggies in a decades-long roast. And they’ve done it while repeatedly telling people about their libertarian principles.

So one has to hand it to them to seize opportunities to put collectivists in their places when, after all these years, the lefties don’t seem to be aware of the truth.

Case in point, when receiving the “Freedom Award” from producer/writer Norman Lear’s collectivist “People for the American Way” organization, Parker and Stone must have sensed that the leftie group really didn’t understand “freedom” or their long-standing devotion to mixing satire with their love of liberty. So, in their inimitable in-your-face-yet-kind-hearted style, they asked conservative/libertarian talk show host Larry Elder to introduce them at the event!

As Ben Kew reports for Breitbart, Elder offered this to freedom fans on Twitter:

“Trey Parker & Matt Stone of @SouthPark asked me to introduce them when they received a ‘freedom’ award from Norman Lear’s organization.”

And when Parker and Stone accepted the award, they got to the stage, stood before the microphone, and in classic fashion, kindly informed the statists they were Republicans.

As Elder explained on Twitter:

“After they graciously accepted, they said, ‘We’re republicans.’ Nervous laughter. They repeated, ‘No, seriously, we’re republicans. #Priceless.'”

You're 110% right, Mr. Elder.

I know many liberty-oriented people who quickly recognized the anti-state, anti-bureaucracy, anti-political hack-o-rama themes Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone infused in “South Park,” “Baseketball,” and the Super-Marionation style film “Team America: World Police.” And it’s been a source of never-ending amusement to many of us that the lefties in Hollywood often miss the subtlety of their seemingly ribald approaches to topics like self-congratulatory dinosaur media figures, egomaniacs, political liars, the regulatory orthodoxy, and the sinister growth of the state.

So what better way to continue their sly and hilarious work but to accept the invite of the leftists and warmly try to educate them about their ignorance of the heart of Stone and Parker’s work?

Seriously, when viewers can see the creators present a giant, robotic “Mecha Barbara Streisand” destroying the town a-la Mecha-Godzilla, and Parker and Stone openly say that they can’t stand her, one might think that lefties would catch onto the theme.

Stone and Parker’s comedy instincts are a real treat, and for them to not just survive, but flourish, in a medium that often sees liberty-themed ideas smothered or never produced is a remarkable feat. It says something about the courage of their host network, Comedy Central, and says even more about the wits of Parker and Stone.

They actually connect with millions of others who “get it,” unlike many of the lefties who, evidently, still have to be overtly told, at their own award ceremonies, that the “South Park” creators don’t adhere to their collectivist worldview.

Thanks, Trey and Matt. Keep up the great work.