South Carolina Football HC Unnecessarily Apologizes for Telling Female Athletes to Leave Field

John Simmons | September 21, 2022
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The University of South Carolina Gamecocks (UofSC) lost to the University of Georgia Bulldogs (UGA) 48-7 during the second week of the college football season on Saturday, but the humiliating score line wasn't the biggest story coming out of that defeat for the Gamecocks.

In between the first and second quarters, UofSC honored a large number of female student athletes on the football field in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Title IX legislation being passed. However, the group of athletes took an unusually long time getting off the field just as South Carolina was lining up to attempt to convert a 4th and 9.

At this point, the Bulldogs had a 14-0, leaving a small glimpse of hope for the Gamecocks to at least make the game close. The Gamecocks lined up to take the snap, but were delayed by the slow departure of the female athletes, thus giving Georgia's defense an opportunity to look at the offensive personnel and set up their plan accordingly.

Naturally, this delay and subsequent competitive advantage for Georgia - a team that frankly didn’t need one - upset UofSC head coach Shane Beamer, who proceeded to yell at the students to get off the field as quickly as possible.

Because we live in a world where women are protected from criticism at all costs, Twitter exploded in outrage over the fact that a competitive coach would dare want to get a game underway.

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Beamer got one step ahead of the outrage mob on social media and apologized for his actions, though he had no need. 

To be fair, it wasn’t the athlete’s fault that they were put in that awkward situation. The participants were just following what the event organizers told them to do. But it's unnecessary for Harris - or anyone else - to be offended by a coach who was justifiably annoyed and yelled from 50 yards away.

To further show just how much of a non-starter this situation is, Dawn Staley, the head coach of the Gamecocks women's basketball team - who is as woke as they come - said that she supported Beamer after the incident happened.

At the end of the day, no one involved in the situation will remember what happened 10 days from now, and that’s because they shouldn’t be worried about it in the first place.


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