Sorry Liberals, You Are Not 'The Rebellion'


Sorry Liberals, you are not ‘The Rebellion’-  you are more like the rise of ‘The First Order’.



The taking of Star Wars rebellion imagery by the left in their efforts against the Trump administration is just downright funny, because it really doesn’t work.

Yes, I know some involved with ‘Rogue One’ have used the rebellion symbol from the movie to make a political statement against Trump, but it doesn’t jibe with the classic story line.

We all know that Sheev Palpatine (D-Naboo?) was a Senator who used his power and connections in order to manipulate and take control and become Emperor (Did he receive questions for the town hall from Donna Brazile? We don’t know, we can’t find the e-mails).

This plot sounds familiar to me.

In fact, the belief of those within the Empire that the Death Star was an unbeatable machine guaranteed to keep them in power, brings to mind a certain “Clinton Machine” that was in the works for decades.

Until, a rebellion, a long time in the making, persisted in finding a flaw in the great machine and ended up taking it down.

Of course after that victory by The Rebellion, the battle continued - much as it does now.

When I see black clad protestors in the streets, hiding their faces, I think of Kylo Ren using violence and intimidation in hopes of bringing back the Empire.

Certainly, not The Rebellion.


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