This is the Song that Doesn't End: U.S. Sending $4.5 BILLION More to Ukraine

Nick Kangadis | November 22, 2022
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It’s looks as if after the FTX debacle that the U.S. pretty much owns the Ukrainian government, and the U.S.’s latest “down payment” should solidify that.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced “in coordination with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Department of State” that $4.5 billion more of American taxpayer money will be going to Ukraine.

The cash infusion will be going so that Ukraine’s government, headed by former actor Volodymyr Zelensky, will be able to continue to function.

According to the official USAID press release:

These funds, provided by the United States through the World Bank, allow the Government of Ukraine to withstand the immense economic, social, and political pressures from Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. This assistance keeps basic government services like hospitals, schools, and utilities running, and it sustains support for emergency responders and firefighters that save the lives of Ukrainian citizens every day. The budget assistance maintains support to Ukrainians further pushed into poverty since the start of the war, including low-income individuals, seniors, children with disabilities, and internally displaced persons. It will also provide new housing and utility subsidies over the winter season in response to Putin’s brutal assault on Ukraine’s electricity and heating infrastructure.

So forget the government, the money will also be going to keep the lights on in Ukraine, as well as to “educate” the children of Ukraine and keep hospitals open.

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Look, I’m all for humanitarian aid for those that truly need it, especially in times of war and particularly with a foe like Russia. But at what point do we admit that it’s the U.S. actually fighting the war with Russia using Ukraine as the force to do it?

Which brings to mind another question: If countries weren’t supplying Ukraine with all this money, with the vast majority coming from U.S. taxpayers, would Ukraine have survived this long? Do we get to the point where our government basically says, ‘Yeah, we’re the ones fighting Russia.’ It is our money, after all.

How long do we in the U.S. face continually rising prices for goods and energy because of a conflict half a world away? The people of Ukraine deserve a fighting chance, but at the expense of how many Americans?

Biden has already had to come out and tell Americans how to live and what to do for the winter in the face of the exorbitant energy prices that pretty much only people in California understand.

And his advice? Either go green or let them eat cake.

It might be time to ween Ukraine off the ever-decreasing in value American dollar.


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