Something Stinks! San Fran DA Moves to 'Limit the Evidence' Released About Paul Pelosi Situation

Nick Kangadis | November 7, 2022
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As soon as we learned a lot about the details of the alleged attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, establishment media outlets and social media outlets did their damndest to scrub all questionable items about the attack from being perused by the public.

It looks like San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is following suit by limiting the evidence released in order to — I don’t know — shape the narrative surrounding the controversial case, along with protecting a prominent member of the establishment.

“For us, revealing that evidence through the media is just not what we think is appropriate,” Jenkins said last week. “We want to make sure that this individual is held accountable for these egregious acts. For us, we’re going to make sure that we limit the evidence as much as possible in order to get that done.”

Jenkins is full of BS, because Democrats have no problem releasing “inappropriate” material — or teasing that they have embarrassing material — so long as it serves their needs. None of these phonies had a problem speculating about a mysterious “pee tape” involving former President Donald Trump, which to this day has yet to be proven to actually exist.

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And that’s just one instance of the establishment using typically false and embarrassing accusations against those that threaten their cushy place in our society.

NBC News retracted information pertaining to the case that was asserted by reporter Miguel Almaguer and “quickly erased from all NBC News platforms the same day, according to Fox News.

Fox News reported the following:

NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer attempted to answer some of those questions on Friday morning, citing sources familiar with the situation who said the police didn’t know they were responding to Pelosi residence, Pelosi opened the door but didn’t attempt to escape or declare an emergency, and even walked away from law enforcement and toward his eventual attacker.

Almaguer concluded his report by telling "Today" co-host Craig Melvin "we still don't know exactly what unfolded between Mr. Pelosi and the suspect for the 30 minutes they were alone inside that house before police arrive. Officials who are investigating this matter would not go into further details about these new details."

But Almaguer’s report was quickly erased from all NBC News platforms on Friday. It was deleted from social media, and NBC News issued an editor's note on its website, reading "This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

Hmm, who would’ve thought NBC News had standards?

Whether it’s them or Jenkins, something’s rotten in the s**thole of San Francisco.


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