Some Teachers Are Being Trained For School Shootings- With Buckets

Eric Scheiner | August 30, 2018
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In some states, like Oklahoma, teachers are receiving firearms training to improve school safety.

In Brockton, Massachusetts some teachers will be trained on how to best use their emergency buckets.



1,080 buckets will be distributed to Brockton schools. Each bucket will contain a roll of duct tape, a hammer, a wooden door stop and 50 feet of rope.

Brockton Public Schools Deputy Superintendent Mike Thomas told WCVB-TV that the wooden wedge can be placed under classroom doors as an “extra barrier” and the hammer can be used to jam it in.

The hammer could be used as a weapon or to break a window for escape.

The rope can be used to tie down the door and the duct tape can be used to seal the door from smoke seeping in.

WCVB reports that after some teacher training, "students will then get to do some drills on how and when to use the items in these emergency buckets."

Lowe's is providing the items to the school system at wholesale cost.