Some School Districts Are Actually Closing To Allow For a Feminist Temper Tantrum

Brittany M. Hughes | March 7, 2017
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An entire school district in Virginia is actually closing its doors on Wednesday to allow its staff members to observe “A Day Without Women,” a national “strike” designed to coincide with the International Women's Day and organized by the great liberal minds behind the Women’s March on Washington. The whole charade is apparently meant to show the world what life would be like without females. (And minorities and “gender non-conforming” people, apparently. Basically, you only suck if you're a straight, white male. Double if you're Christian.)

Alexandria City Schools, located in a suburb of Washington, D.C., issued a statement on its decision on its website, explaining:

It has come to our attention that as of today, more than 300 staff members have requested leave this Wednesday, March 8. Given the unusually high number of requests, this may be attributed to the observance of International Women’s Day. This day has also been deemed A Day Without Women. Consequently, ACPS has decided to close schools for students for the day. This day will be a teacher work day for ACPS staff. This is in addition to the teacher work day that is on Friday, March 10.

So now, as part of a great movement to “empower” women across the nation, an entire school district is forcing thousands of working women to either take an unscheduled day off from work, or, more likely, pay exorbitant fees for childcare with less than 48 hours notice.

“We understand that when schools close there is an impact on families, who may have to find unanticipated childcare,” the school district noted. “We apologize for this unforeseen burden on parents and thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Sure, they do. But that doesn’t help folks living in an area that’s already way above the national average cost of living, where many families include two working parents who’ll likely have a hard time scheduling an all-day babysitter on the fly. It also doesn’t help the tens of thousands of students who are losing instructional time because the faculty wants to throw a political temper tantrum.

Then again, the "Day Without a Woman" also may not help teachers in other school districts whose administration hasn't lost their minds and decided to give them a freebie day off. After all, the recent "Day Without Immigrants" didn't turn out so well for some folks in Denver, who found themselves in the unemployment line after deciding to skip work to protest Trump.

Alexandria schools aren't the only ones shutting their doors so feminists can have a good pout. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school district in North Carolina announced last week they'd be closed for the day to allow staff to protest. Similarly, a couple of schools in New York City (no surprises there) also stated they'll be closed Wednesday.

For those schools that aren't closing, feminists have provided this handy dandy lesson plan to indoctrinate young kids with liberal, anti-gender propoganda.

Amazingly, Alexandria City Public Schools also noted that despite being closed for instructional time – you know, that thing taxpayers pay through the nose to fund through our public school system – six of their facilities will still provide breakfast and lunch on Wednesday for students who need free meals.