Some Liberals Call Gatlinburg Fire Punishment for Trump Support

Zach Montanaro | November 30, 2016
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(Image via Twitter)

While Gatlinburg, Tennessee is dealing with an enormous, deadly fire that is destroying everything in its path, some liberals are actually turning the fire into a political tool and, even more astonishing, cracking jokes and claiming the deadly blaze is some kind of divine punishment because the town, and state as a whole, voted for Donald Trump.

That’s right, some are saying that people deserve to have their homes destroyed because they are Trump supporters.

One of the first instances of this came from a man named Tobias Beecher who said that he was “laughing” at Trump supporters “as their homes burn to the ground.”

Beecher has since deleted his twitter profile entirely. This, however, is only the beginning.

Actor Michal Ian Black joined in a bit later, somehow trying to crack a joke about Trump supporters who wanted to “burn it all down” not expecting to start with Tennessee.

Black has since deleted that tweet and apologized. Which, at the least, is more that can be said about the people who come next.

Justin Wilkins, who was the Tennessee State Director for President Obama’s 2012 re-election and current Deputy Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Chattanooga, turned the deadly blaze into a political tool for climate change.

And then there’s the list of people who just don’t seem to care about people losing their homes to a deadly fire.

It should be made clear that, obviously, not all liberals feel this way. These are just a small group of nut-jobs.

If you wish to help out the people of Gatlinburg, the town has set up a way for you to donate.


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