'Some Guy Named Brandon': 5 of the Most Embarrassing Fails From Biden's WHCD Speech

Brittany M. Hughes | May 1, 2022
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While laughing hysterically over the historic inflation that’s forcing Americans to pay more for everything from housing to gas and food ever since he took office, President Joe Biden somehow managed to take an event that hasn’t been funny for years and make it even less entertaining than usual.

During an appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday, Biden stumbled and slurred his way through a series of failed jokes punctuated by pitied chuckles, forced applause, and one eye-twitchingly crooked bowtie, all while taking a few swipes at himself, a swing or two at his predecessor, and a sucker-punch straight to the American worker.

Here are a few of the most embarrassingly unfunny moments from Biden’s attempt at stand-up.

1. When he joked that the media are the only group in the country with a lower approval rating than his.

Never mind that a low approval rating usually means Americans are hurting, that they aren’t happy, and that something’s gone very wrong – that’s just jokes a’plenty.

2. When he joked about the dinner possibly being a super-spreader event.

For a guy who supposedly cares deeply about Americans who loves their lives or the lives of a loved one to COVID, this one didn’t work – even as a springboard to make fun of Fox News.

3. When he screwed up one of the most famous presidential lines in history.

You know, the one that happened four scores and some-odd months ago…

4. When he called Trump a “plague.”

Say what you want about 45, but when he was in office, meat prices weren't up 20% and you could fill up your gas tank without selling a kidney. 

5. When he played dumb about Republicans who “support some guy named Brandon.”

But don’t worry, hardworking Americans – as you’re out there struggling under skyrocketing prices, dreading the next time you have to hit up a gas pump and wondering how you’re going to juggle your mortgage and your grocery bill, just know that Captain Cringe is on it.

And he thinks the whole thing is hilarious.