Sofie Hagen Says Terrorism Is Caused By 'Toxic Masculinity'

Maureen Collins | June 6, 2017
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Danish comedian and feminist Sofie Hagen has discovered that the terrorists behind the recent attacks in the United Kingdom all have something in common.


Is it a subscription to radical Islam? No. It's that they are all men.


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Yep, all men. Hagen is actually blaming terrorism on "toxic masculinity." Not radical Islam, just "toxic masculinity."


And fellow tweeters certainly addressed Hagen’s statement.




Even Piers Morgan tweeted:




But perhaps the most constructive response came from @RealTomH, who tweeted this article of a recent terror plot orchestrated by three muslim women.


Thank you, Tom for stating the obvious. There have been plenty of terrorist attacks carried out by women, San Bernardino is just one example.


Gender is not a motive. Khuram Butt, Rachide Redouane and Youssef Zaghba did not kill seven and injure 48 people on Saturday because they passionately agreed that their masculinity needed defending. They did it because they all subscribe to the same radical Islamist ideology.


This is something that our media, and even our leaders, are refusing to acknowledge. Maybe we should thank Sofie Hagen for bringing this wilful ignorance to its logical conclusion.


Hagen did “apologize” in a Facebook statement she posted to Twitter:

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