Soccer Star Cancels Disney+ Subscription Over its Gay Agenda Sellout

John Simmons | April 6, 2022
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Most athletes don't give a second thought to the woke ideology that permeates sports and our culture at large, and many go right along happily with it.

But not Dejan Lovren.

The current Zenit St. Petersburg center back and former Liverpool F.C. star took one look at the nauseating agenda Disney is promoting and decided that he would not be financially supporting the company anymore. As a result, he posted picture proof that he was canceling his Disney+ subscription.

Lovren is the second athlete in recent memory to do away with anything Disney. Former UFC champion Jake Shields sold all his stock in Disney and vowed to do his best to not support Disney as best as he could in the future.

While two athletes ditching their Disney products might not cripple the company, it's at least a step in the right direction and an example for other Americans to follow.