SO BRAVE: Mother Jones D.C. Chief Says He's Only Worn Black Ties Since Trump's Election...Until Today


You know that video of the girl in the bright green jacket wailing for the cameras after Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump in 2016?

The far-left Mother Jones magazine's’ D.C. bureau chief David Corn might be even more pathetic than that.

Corn - the same Corn who was accused of inappropriately touching multiple female staffers back in 2014, that guy - posted a photo to Twitter Friday morning of himself sporting a tan checkered tie, saying it’s the first time he’s worn anything other than a black tie since Trump was elected four years ago – his own “personal and private act of mourning.”

“When Trump was elected, I decided I’d only wear black ties. It was a personal and private act of mourning. I didn’t say anything about it. And almost no one noticed over these past four years. But today…” Corn wrote, followed by a picture of his distinctly non-black tie.

Perhaps the fact that no one noticed Corn wearing an all-black tie for four years straight should have been a sign to him that literally no one cared. At all. About his tie then, whatever tie he’s wearing now, or about how Trump has spent the last four years living rent-free in Corn's cranium.

But what is notable is the level of idiocy anti-Trump leftists have stooped to. And right now, we could all use the laughs.




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