Sleeping in the Dirt?! Project Veritas Insider Video Shows Illegal Aliens Being Detained Under a Bridge Near Southern Border

Nick Kangadis | April 1, 2021
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An alleged Customs and Border Protection (CBP) “insider” has provided “never-before-seen footage” to investigative journalism outlet Project Veritas of illegal aliens of all ages being held under a bridge in Texas, exposed to the elements, with some seen sleeping in the dirt.

The undercover video shows illegal aliens being held in what Veritas reports as a “makeshift” CBP “processing center,” which is located under the Anzalduas International Bridge in McAllen, Texas.

The detainees can also be seen huddled in the dirt, with some sleeping under space blankets.

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As Veritas also reported, the location has been “converted into a makeshift processing center for Customs and Border Protection” because of the “overflow of normal detention facilities near the Southern Border.”

Here’s the footage the “insider” provided to Veritas: