‘Skillet’ Frontman Warns Fellow Christians, Cancel Culture Mobs ‘Want Us Gone’

Gabriel Hays | January 19, 2022
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You might think rock stars aren’t that clued into the moral problems of their day, being preoccupied with the fruits of fame and fortune. However one rock frontman sees our society’s current dark undercurrents and is encouraging his fans to reach out to God, because as he claims, we are living in “scary times.”

In an interview with Christian conservative outlet Faithwire.com, the famous singer of popular Grammy-nominated Christian rock band Skillet talked about cancel culture and warned how the phenomenon is actually at war with biblical values that our country was based on. 

He added that Christians need to “wake up” to that fact and be ready for the confrontation. Though they also need not be fearful because Christ is still in control.

Of course, the interview started on the subject of the band’s eleventh album, titled “Dominion.” Themes of the album include Christ reigning over the world even in the “midst of His enemies,” who think they are in control. 

“The world does not belong to anybody else except for Jesus Christ, who is the King of Kings. The Bible says that He is sitting at the right hand of the Father, ruling in the midst of His enemies,” he claimed. 

Cooper then discussed those worldly powers who think they rule rather than God, and he talked about cancel culture being one of the vehicles by which secular authorities attack the Christian faithful.

“We are right in the middle of this shift and what is happening is that the core values of America that we used to believe in are shifting to an incredible degree,” he claimed, adding, “And now there are people who come out saying, ‘Hey, you people that have those old values that we would call Christian values … those values are no longer acceptable.”

And it doesn't even have to be specifically Christian values. Think about Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling getting mobbed and even removed from Harry Potter PR because she maintains that trans women aren’t actual women.

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Cooper then aptly described the spirit of this secular movement: “They don’t like the idea of authority of Scripture. They do not like the idea of hell, because what that means is that we are doing things that we need to repent for.”

Think about cancel culture. It seems as though anyone who attempts to call out sin, or admonish the sinner in public is branded politically incorrect, or worse, as a racist/sexist bigot. It’s an insidious way the culture has forcibly de-stigmatized sin. You’ll lose your social media account, your friends, maybe even your job if you speak against it.

“Christians, make no mistake: they want us gone. They want us to shut up. They do not want your views to be heard,” Cooper warned. Though he insisted we do the opposite, saying we “need to be vocal about what we believe so that they understand they might think they are living in freedom but they are actually living in slavery.”

Keep spreading that message, Mr. Cooper!

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