Sing Along: Hunter Smoked Crack (& His Laptop Is A Fact)

Eric Scheiner | March 24, 2022
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The New York Times has finally come around to implicitly admitting to what many knew in 2020 but, like the intrepid New York Post, were censored for saying: The emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop are indeed real. And, worse yet, the specific e-mails that The Times confirmed involved Burisma.

The media has avoided mentioning the issue, with under 3 seconds of news coverage from MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC combined.

Despite the lack of coverage, the fact the New York Times has finally admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop and the incriminating emails are real, makes us wants to sing.

So we did. Kind of. Kind of rapped…maybe. Well, it was fun anyway.


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