Sign O' The Times: Truck Attempts To Clean Clorox of Bigotry

Eric Scheiner | March 6, 2018
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The word on the street outside of Clorox company headquarters in Oakland, Calif. is "stop supporting anti-Christian bigotry."

As part of the Media Research Center’s efforts to hold The View's advertisers responsible for supporting a show that endorses anti-Christian bigotry, a truck calling out Clorox has been rolling outside their headquarters with a clear message on Tuesday.

“Clorox stop supporting anti-Christian bigotry on The View,” the message reads.

It’s a message that’s been spreading through phone calls, social media posts and at the offices of ABC.

The rolling billboard outside Clorox headquarters also lists the website The website features a complete lists of companies that support ‘The View’ with their advertising, along with phone numbers to call.

The MRC has called on ABC and The View to apologize for the appalling anti-Christian remarks made about Vice President Mike Pence and Christians across the country.

They haven’t, and now the MRC is asking conservatives to fight back and contact The View’s advertisers.

MRCTV is a division of the Media Research Center.