Sierra Club Exec: Abortion Helps the Environment by Controlling the Population

Nick Kangadis | February 3, 2017
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This wasn’t Bob Barker trying to convince you to help control the pet population. No, this was an executive from a very influential organization trying to convince people to control the human population -- by supporting abortion.

On Thursday evening’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, came on the show to talk about how his organization’s environmentally-focused message relates to other liberal talking points that the club has taken a stance on since Brune has been in charge.

Carlson asked Brune how the club taking positions on immigration, transgender bathrooms and abortion correlate to the organization’s mission of protecting the environment. Brune was particularly emphatic about the club’s decision to wholeheartedly support the baby-killing machine known as Planned Parenthood.

“Well, it helps to address the number of people we have on this planet,” Brune told Carlson.

Carlson’s shocked face after hearing that sentence come out of Brune’s ignorant word-hole was nothing short of priceless.

“We feel that one of the ways that we can get to a sustainable population is to empower women to make choices about their own families,” Brune continued.

Carlson was clearly confused about Brune’s stance, considering that just a minute before, Brune had talked about how deporting illegal aliens from the U.S. would be a human rights violation.

Carlson pointed out to Brune:

Given that, that that’s your position, which is a position, then the United States population has pretty much doubled in the last 50 years. It’s now at about 225ish million, so doubling in the last 50 years is a pretty quick rate of expansion. Most of that has come from immigration, as you know.

Then Carlson hit Brune with a question that called out the hypocrisy of the Sierra Club’s stance on the two separate topics.

“Why would the Sierra Club, if it’s concerned about population effect on the environment -- and you should be, in my view -- why would you be agitating for more immigration?”

All Brune could come up with is that he lives in California (go figure) and that there are “undocumented immigrants” (illegals, for those of you playing the home game) on his son’s little league team. He talked of how they are all friends, and how deporting people here illegally is wrong.

By the end of the interview, Carlson still never heard a legitimate answer from Brune as to why the Sierra Club taking a stance on topics such as transgender bathrooms, immigration and abortion correspond with the club’s supposed intent of saving the environment.

They’re liberals, Tucker. They’ve never had to use common sense to tie one issue into another. Making sense doesn’t matter when you’re constantly playing ideological hop-scotch.

For video of the interview, watch below: