Sick Irony: VA Girls Camp 'Partners' With Planned Parenthood To Teach Girls About Genitals & Porn




If the irony of living in a nation-state where hordes of politicians constantly drone on about doing things “for the children,” even as they float government-issued, Federal Reserve-bought bonds to enslave those “children” who are yet to be born weren’t enough, this revelation about a Virginia-based girls’ summer camp might fit your twisted “irony” needs.

NotTheBee’s Jessica Swietoniowski reports that this oh-so hip and with-it all-girls camp just decided to reach out to and partner with…Planned Parenthood.

Girls Rock Roanoke, was once focused on teaching girls how to play musical instruments and write songs but will now offer a virtual program to "educate and empower" them hosted by Planned Parenthood.

Because, as everyone knows, nothing says “we care for kids” better than connecting with Planned Parenthood, the abortion mill started in 1916 by eugenics maniac Margaret Sanger, who not only was an avowed eugenicist, but who also backed the insane practice of government forcibly sterilizing young women she deemed “not fit” to reproduce.

So, given Planned Parenthood’s ties to mass murder and racism, and its founder’s applause for the forced sterilization of U.S. women who happened to escape abortions, is it any surprise that the group with which this “girls camp” is “partnering” now is involved in highly disturbing sexual instruction and discussions of topics bordering on pedophilic? 

Swietoniowski continues:

Girls Rock Roanoke will partner with the abortion giant's online program for kids called " Teen Connections." There you can find leftist indoctrination material for kids of all ages. Yay!

And her sarcasm is well applied. In fact:

Lefty parents don't have to be burdened anymore with the hard work of confusing their children all by themselves. Instead, through the Teen Connections program, they can now just have their kids navigate to the Amaze videos made by Planned Parenthood…. In one of their videos, you hear the narrator ask ‘is it normal to watch porn?’ and then you hear a booming ‘Yes!’

NotTheBee found the video, and it’s not pleasant. 

Along with discussions of porn and masturbation, they have a lot more topics they go over. Sexual orientation, gender identity, STDs and pregnancy to name a few.

Because who wouldn’t want their kids to dig into all those subjects as they prepare for a summer camp experience?

In their intro video, they have a young boy asking ‘Is it weird that I don't feel like a boy?’

How about, “Is it weird that my youth camp wants to subject me to a bizarre leftist indoctrination program tied to a worldwide baby-killing cabal started by a racist eugenicist?”

In another video, they show the naked cartoon bodies of young kids alongside an elephant named "Tusky", providing up close illustrated looks at cartoon genitalia…

That would be a video featuring said cartoon characters not only depicted "sans clothes," but sans clothes, and fresh from skinny-dipping in a STATE PARK.

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And, as Swietoniowski notes, this isn’t merely indoctrination. It’s enticement. The camp program actually offers this insanity as a “training” program for prospective campers, and includes a form of compensation.

The Teen Connection Virtual Summer Program is for grades 6-12. Campers and others who complete the program will receive a $100 Visa gift card and be identified as ‘peer educators.’

So, there it is, summer camp the Planned Parenthood way, where shoving highly questionable, inappropriate images and subjects in front of kids is not only NOT seen as inappropriate by the astounding abortion-pushers, it’s seen as “inclusive” and kind.

Towards the end of the Twentieth Century, conservatives oft spoke of postmodernism as “defining deviance down.”

In the Twenty-first Century, it's easy to see how low the progressives have gone, and to know they don’t have much farther to descend until they reach absolute rock bottom.

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