SICK: Here's the Graphic Garbage Portland Schools Are Using to Teach KINDERGARTENERS About Transgenderism

Brittany M. Hughes | July 28, 2022
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Portland Public Schools is indoctrinating children as young as kindergarten with graphic content on sexuality, anatomy, and gender fluidity. And while that not seem shocking in itself, given that it’s…well, Portland, the actual content they’re using to teach little kids about gender-bending may – and should – disturb you.

According to documents obtained by journalist Christopher Rufo and posted to Twitter, Portland Public Schools is using a grade-by-grade curriculum designed to teach children beginning at 5 years old about transgenderism, sexual orientation, and how “white colonizers” are responsible for oppressing these marginalized communities across the world.

In one PowerPoint slide used to instruct kindergarteners, the curriculum uses graphic cartoon images to explain the difference in biological gender, showing an up-close artistic picture of male and female genitalia – labeled as “person with a penis” and “person with a vulva,” instead of “boy” and “girl.”

“Any kid can have any type of body,” the presentation claims, adding that boys can have vulvas and girls can have penises.

And warning: it contains disturbing images.

Heading into first and second grade, kids are then told that "Many people think there are only two genders, girls and boys, but this is not true. There are many ways to be a boy, a girl, both or neither. Gender identity is about how you feel about yourself inside.”

“Gender is like outer space because there are as many ways to be different genders as there are stars in the sky!” the curriculum teaches, adding that “Only you can know what your gender is,” even if “other people don’t understand.” Children are then taught to practice non-gendered pronouns like “ze/zir.”

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By Grade 3 – at around 8 years old – kids are taught that “the culture, systems, and assumptions that everyone is straight and cis is called cisheteronormativity,” and that “white colonizers” used this “oppressive system” to persecute trans groups that had already been accepted and normalized in other cultures. In this grade, kids are also reportedly introduced to lessons on how to “pause puberty” with hormone therapy.

By Grade 5, children are told to make a “commitment to change,” including promising to learn about transgenderism and the “leadership of Black trans women,” learning and perfectly parroting an endless list of pronouns, and regularly consuming media including shows and books with LGBTQ characters.

But the left totally wants us to believe they aren't propagandizing to children, and that no one is targeting anyone else's kids with sexualized content in schools.


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