Sick: Armed Antifa Traps, Assaults and Robs a Motorist In Portland In Broad Daylight

Brittany M. Hughes | May 7, 2021
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A group of hysterical Antifa thugs - who are just "an idea," according to President Joe Biden - once again proved they're a tangible threat by reportedly blocking a street in Portland Thursday (what else is new?) – but this time, they took things even further when one motorist pulled out a gun to defend himself from the mob.

Video from the incident, which occurred in broad daylight, shows the crowd of at least a dozen masked people barricading several vehicles from getting through the street. The driver of a red truck can be seen leaning out of his open door holding a handgun, while several of the activists scream “put down the f***ing gun!”

The footage then cuts to a scene in which the driver has exited his truck (though it’s not immediately clear why) and is pointing his gun at the Antifa members, who have him surrounded. Several of the thugs have rifles pointed at the man as he tries to defend himself. 

After being shoved up against the back of his vehicle, one masked assailant jumps the man from behind and knocks him to the ground. The group reportedly stole the man’s gun, as well as tools and his car keys.

The Post Millennial reports that witnesses told police Antifa marched through the streets smashing up cars and sprayed people with an unknown substance, all while brandishing guns and other weapons. At least one person was taken to the hospital.

Antifa terrorists, particularly in Northwest cities like Portland and Seattle, have become known for attacking and vandalizing buildings with near impunity, smashing up everything from parked cars sitting empty on the side of the road to occupied vehicles they've trapped in intersections.