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Shooting in Toronto's Greektown Neighborhood Leaves Two Dead, 12 Injured


Tragedy struck our neighbors to the North late Sunday evening when a gunman opened fire in Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood. Two people have been confirmed dead, with another 12 people injured as result of the shooting.

According to Reuters:

The gunman, a 29-year-old man, exchanged fire with police, fled and was later found deceased, local media reported.

Reports of gunfire in the city’s Greektown neighborhood began at 10 p.m. local time (0200 GMT Monday), said.

Witnesses said they heard 25 gunshots, the news website reported.

Toronto has seen an uptick in murders in 2018. The Toronto Police Service has reported 55 murders this year (not including Sunday’s shooting), up 129-percent from the same point in time in 2017.

This might be the impetus Toronto Mayor John Tory needs to push for even more firearm restrictions in Canada. Reuters also reported that Tory has said Toronto “has a gun problem, with weapons too readily available to too many people.”

The problem with that assertion is that city officials have put the blame on gang violence for the recent rash of shootings in Toronto. Criminals typically don’t register their weapons, so who are “weapons too readily available” to?

As far as a motive for this shooting, Toronto’s Police Chief Mark Saunders doesn't seem to know at this time.

“We are looking at all possible motives ... and not closing any doors,” Saunders said, according to Reuters.

However, the USA Today reported that Saunders said that the shooting was "not random," and terrorism hasn't been ruled out as a possible motive.

Whatever the motive may turn out to be, one thing is for certain: The firearm didn’t hatch the plot to shoot people. A crazy person with some sort of axe to grind did.

Check back for updates should any further information comes out.

For video of this story, watch below:


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