Shooting Rampage Contributes to at Least 5 Dead, 28 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings

Nick Kangadis | January 11, 2021
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Forget black lives mattering. No one in leadership in the city of Chicago seems to care in the least that people in general, regardless of race, are being shot and killed by the dozen on a weekly basis. The “intelligentsia” who write articles for the radical Chicago media outlets write as if they care about people, but conveniently ignore those who are routinely shot and killed on the West and South sides of the city. It’s not in their neighborhoods, so let’s pretend like it’s not happening.

Well it is happening, and Chicagoans have seemingly turned a blind eye to the genocide that’s taking place in their own backyard.

At least five people were murdered and at least another 28 were wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area over the weekend. This comes after the first weekend of 2021 saw at least five dead and another 25 wounded.

Part of the violence that occurred over the weekend allegedly came at the hands of one man, whose name you can find at this link. We’re not going to give the now-deceased gunman the press he might have wanted.

Three of the five people murdered over the weekend were allegedly at the hands of the suspected gunman. Not all of the victims names and ages are available at this time.

We’re only two weekends into 2021 and we’ve already hit double-digits in terms of people killed. So far, at least 10 people have been killed and another 53 have been wounded on weekends this year.

Sources: CBS 2 - Chicago, Fox 32 - Chicago