Shonda Rhimes Continues Onslaught of Pro-Abortion Propaganda via ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff, Attacks Pro-life Pregnancy Centers

Dawn Slusher | April 10, 2023

After "Grey’s Anatomy" recently depicted pro-lifers as violent maniacs and showed an abortion step-by-step in a previous episode, the storyline crossed over to "Grey’s" spinoff "Station 19," where their new target became pro-life crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has long been known for pushing pro-abortion propaganda, but this constant onslaught has gotten ridiculous.

At the start of Thursday’s episode, “It’s All Gonna Break,” Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who runs an abortion clinic, is planning to go undercover at a crisis pregnancy center with her colleague Dr. Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato). Before they head out the door to “cause trouble,” Miranda’s husband Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) worries for the safety of Miranda and their family because of the violence and begs her to carry mace, which she refuses.

In real life, however, it’s the pro-abortion side that’s been resorting to violence as they attack and firebomb multiple crisis pregnancy centers across the country, while the FBI and DOJ arrest peaceful, praying pro-life protestors.

Ben ends up following Miranda and Carina to the crisis pregnancy center and, much like today’s media, they falsely portray it as a deceptive, fake clinic trying to deceive women into thinking it’s an abortion clinic:


WomanCrisis Pregnancy Center, may I help you? Yeah, no problem. I'll be right back. All right.

Miranda: You followed us here?

Ben: She didn't really give me much of a choice, now, did she?

Carina: No.

BenWhat is this place?

MirandaA crisis pregnancy center.

BenIt’s almost got the same name as your clinic.

MirandaYeah. That's how they trick all these women into thinking they're providing abortion care.

Ben: Okay, well, hurry up and give out the cards to your clinic and let's get out of here.

Miranda: That's not the plan.

Ben: Okay, well, what is the plan? Do you even have a plan? You can't just come all the way down here without a plan.

Carina: Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. This husband of mine, always nag, nag, nag.

Miranda: Look, all we need to do is get them to give medical advice, and then we can shut this place down.

Carina: Well, actually, no, that's just a $1,000 fine, but it's a start.

MirandaWe need to know what they're saying to the patients to better arm ourselves as we try to get them shut down.

Ben: Have you two even thought this through?

Miranda: Look, I think you need to leave.

Ben: Well, I think you need a plan.

Nancy: Karina?

Ben: Yeah. Karina Deluca. And I'm Ben Deluca. Yeah. My wife and I and our very supportive friend here would like to get some information about an abortion.

Nancy: Well, right this way.

Ben: Darling. Friend.

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After Nancy enters the room with the results of the test, their depiction of what they claim happens inside of a CPC just gets even more ridiculous and insulting:


Nancy: Here we go. The moment of truth. Go ahead, read it.

Carina: Why don't you read it?

Nancy: Oh, no. This is your exciting fortune cookie. You read the fortune.

Miranda: I mean, you are the health care professional, right?

Nancy: We prefer if the mom to be does it.

Carina: It’s positive.

NancyCongratulations, Mommy and Daddy, friend. You're having a baby.

Carina: Oh, I'm sorry. I knew I was pregnant, but just hearing it out loud…

Nancy: I have some additional material for you. I'll be right back.

BenShe clearly knows it's illegal for her to dispense a medical diagnosis. I mean, fortune cookie. Are you kidding me with this?

Miranda: Are you okay.

Carina: My first positive pregnancy test and it isn’t real.

Next, the show tries to depict CPCs as offering cartoonish illustrations depicting an unborn child’s development, another blatant lie:


Nancy: I brought these illustrations. They'll let you know what size the baby would be according to your last menstrual period.

Carina: Okay.

MirandaUm, Dr. Nancy…

NancyOh, Nancy is fine. Doctor is so formal.

MirandaDr. Nancy, how far along is she?

NancyIt's hard to be exact.

Miranda: Try.

Nancy: This might help. –

MirandaOh, wow. Does baby raspberry already have a face?

Ben: Ah, yeah. This-- -

Nancy: Well, this really should be about what Mommy wants.

CarinaWell, Mommy wants an abortion.

Nancy: Is that what Daddy wants too?

Ben: Daddy wants whatever Mommy wants.

MirandaOkay, and I want you to just please stop talking to us like we're kittens in some storybook and not in a crisis pregnancy center.

Carina: I'm sorry, Nancy, my friend and husband are very protective of me. But—

Nancy: Would you like to talk in private?

Carina: No, that's okay, but please, I came here for an abortion. I don't want to carry this embryo to term.

NancyLook at you. So technical. And while I hear you, I do need to tell you about some of the risks that nobody talks about. For instance, did you know that studies are being conducted investigating the link between women who abort their fetuses and an increased risk of developing cancer?

BenAre these medical studies?

MirandaWait, "Studies are being conducted" is different from studies showing something.

NancyBreast cancer is also a risk factor that could increase after abortion.

MirandaNo, it's not!

Ben: Hey, Nancy, Nancy. Are you a doctor?

NancyI'm a pregnancy professional.

Miranda: Well, I'm a doctor. And in my spare time, when I'm not supporting my dear friends going through a crisis of pregnancy that they did not plan and do not want, I am a doctor. And abortion does not increase the risk of any kind of cancer.

Nancy: I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to ask you to wait outside for the rest of this appointment. I violated all sorts of protocols even letting you be a part of my consultation with the mama-to-be as it is.

Miranda: Well, what protocols? This isn't a medical facility. Or is it? –

Nancy: We help mommies and daddies and babies. And I can show you just how much if you'd like to see the next phase of the pre-baby experience.

Carina: Lead the way.

Actually, there are many, many studies that have confirmed a link between abortion and breast cancer. And I once met a young woman was shown a pencil dot on a piece of paper as an illustration of what her baby looked like at Planned Parenthood. When she later took a human development course in college and saw what her baby actually looked like, she had a nervous breakdown and began speaking out against Planned Parenthood’s deception. There's even a film called "Hush" by a pro-choice advocate that blows the whistle on the harm abortion does to women and how those facts aren't spoken about.

As the storyline progressed, the writers decided to somehow correlate infant adoption with foster care, which made no sense whatsoever:


Nancy: I'm sorry we got off to a bumpy start. I get that emotions are running high. That's why we save this for last. It helps you leave here knowing just how supported you are on the magical journey of motherhood. Voilà. We're fully prepared to help you for the first year of the child's life. We have everything you could ever need here. Formula, diapers, bottles. What?

CarinaYou know, not everybody in the world wants to have children.

NancyWe have options for those kinds of people. They can just give the baby up for adoption.

Ben: "Just adopt," huh? Do you have any idea how overburdened the foster care system is? I mean, do you ever go see how those kids that you force women to have are doing?

CarinaDo you know that the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high-income country? You didn't even ask me if I had a previous problem with a pregnancy. You didn't ask me if I had a condition that might lead to serious complication. Nothing. I'm an ob. I've seen those complications. I've seen women bleed out. But of course, you don't even know because you're just wearing a white coat, playing doctor.

NancyEverything we do here is legal. If you don't like it, call your congressperson. This is your tax dollars hard at work.

Ben: Oh, say what?

Miranda: Oh, that's the first true thing she's said today.

Ben: Oh. So they're tricking women into going to what they think is your clinic, but it's with fake doctors and fake nurses and people like Nancy here who pretend to care, and I'm paying for it? Oh, no, no. No. Nope. Hey, how do you do it? How do you lie to vulnerable people?

NancyI care about life.

Security: Okay. Let's go.

Ben: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Miranda: Hey! Get your hands off me.

Ben: You're gonna want to do what she says.

Carina: No touching.

First, infants don’t go into foster care. Older children who are taken from abusive and/or neglectful homes do. In this country, there are long waiting lists even for infants with birth defects and Down syndrome. Second, trying to scare women into having an abortion by falsely claiming its safer than childbirth is just more propaganda designed to bolster the abortion industry.

As the troublesome trio are escorted out by security, they haughtily rejoice at seeing a handful of pro-abortion protestors outside:


Crowd: Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Fake doctors have got to go!

Carina: Yes.

Miranda: What?

Ben: All right.

Miranda: Oh, is that-

Crowd: Hey, hey, ho, ho! Fake doctors have got to go!

Miranda: Ha! Nice touch.

CarinaThey protest us, we protest them. We gotta let the truth be known.

Miranda: Hey. Um... That is a real clinic. Go there.

Crowd: Fake doctors have got to go. Hey, hey, ho, ho. Fake doctors have got to go.

Miranda: Turn it up, turn it up!

So, wait. "Fake doctors have got to go?" Does that mean the fake doctors in this show who are really actors pushing a pro-abortion agenda must go? Because that I can get behind!

In all seriousness, this episode hits too close to home for me. I faced a crisis pregnancy at 16 and was coldly turned away by Planned Parenthood when I asked for help choosing life. I ended up finding a pro-life crisis pregnancy center, Birthright, in the phone book under “Abortion Alternatives.”

Birthright’s volunteers offered me help with whatever I needed and gave me the guidance I was looking for since I had not yet told my parents. Later, when my daughter was about two years old, I saw Planned Parenthood on the news picketing the very Birthright that helped me, claiming it was a “fake” clinic.

Yet, absolutely no one had deceived me in the least. Years later, I volunteered at Birthright and never was I trained to deceive women. If a woman called asking about abortion, I clearly stated Birthright does not offer those services.

Crisis pregnancy centers pose a huge threat to the abortion industry by giving these women the support and help they need to choose life. Thus, pro-aborts want CPCs shut down so these women have nowhere else to turn.

But in Hollywood, where everything is make believe, facts don’t seem to matter in the least.


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