Shocking Video: Thief Calmly Walks Out a California Target With a Bin Full of Stolen Merch

Brittany M. Hughes | April 7, 2022
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While the California legislature is busy considering bills that may allow open infanticide or new laws that would let 12-year-olds make health decisions without their parents’ input, business across the state are still suffering under a rash of violent looting that, despite its rapid increase, hasn't seemed to catch the notice - or the concern - of those in power.

And it's not the kind of looting that takes place under cover of darkness. We’re talking about open, in-plain-view thievery, oftentimes in the daylight and caught on camera, by shameless thugs who are completely unafraid of consequences…because there are none.

The latest video comes courtesy of the Twitter account LibsofTikTok, which documents insane left-wing shenanigans and the result of their insane policies. In the video, a man can be seen making out what looks to be a Target store with a bin overflowing with stolen loot. As the alarm begins to sound at the door indicating a possible theft, an employee tries to confront the thief by yanking the bin out of his hands.

And the result is nothing short of astounding. Watch:

In case you missed it, that’s the thief literally sauntering out with his arms full of lifted merch, seemingly entirely unworried that he'll be detained.

It’s been well noted that the uptick in looting has only risen since California lawmakers lessened the criminal charge for stealing merchandise worth $950 or less to a misdemeanor, thereby lightening the consequences for thieves while making it far less likely that police will investigate in the first place.

And leaving the poor, frustrated Target manager standing there empty-handed, and without recourse.

Good job, leftists.

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