Shocking Video Shows Antifa Rioters Beating a Trump Supporter With a Bike Lock

Brittany M. Hughes | April 20, 2017

A new video that surfaced this week shows a masked anti-Trump thug assaulting a Trump supporter with a metal bike lock during the most recent riots in Berkeley.

Violence erupted last weekend when so-called Antifa protesters clashed with Trump supporters in the streets of the California city, which has quickly become a beacon for crazy left-wing rioters who think violently assaulting people is a great way to promote love and tolerance.

In the cell phone footage of the incident, a Trump supporter can be seen peacefully trying to keep masked protesters from throwing haymakers at right-wing groups. While clearly in the mix of things, he doesn’t appear to be inciting a conflict or instigating violence. But, of course, that doesn’t keep him from getting viciously beamed in the head by a left-wing agitator, who then runs away like a coward.

Here’s the video, which does contain plenty of strong language.