Univ. in Florida Approves Pro-ISIS Club with Stated Goal of Sending Material Support


Several administrative officials and a professor at Barry University in south Florida were caught on video sanctioning the creation of a pro-ISIS club on campus with the stated goal of sending material support to the terrorist organization abroad.

"We want to send aid to ISIS," the undercover Project Veritas investigative journalist told univeristy officials.

"If we send them supplies, like you know, paper and pens and help support the widows and the children, and send them flashlights so they can like see because a lot of the infrastructure has been disrupted, then maybe they wouldn’t be committing these acts.” 

Disturbingly, officials' main concern was using the acronym "ISIS" in the club's title, not necessarily that this young, impressionable female college student was organizing a club to send aid to an extremist organization responsible for mass beheadings and the enslavement of women among other atrocities. 

"We’re not here to limit people and their clubs…  but I would recommend maybe coming up with one or two other possible names just in case this one does not get through," said Derek Bley, Coordinator for Leadership Develop & Student Organizations at Barry University. 

"By all means, we support any student wanting to start their own organization..." said Frederique Frage, Associate Director of International and Multicultural Programs. "The only thing, as far as the name, the thing is, because technically our country is at war with ISIS." 

"We talked about maybe saying Sympathetic Students in support of the Middle East... as opposed to [saying] ISIS," suggested Daisy Santiago, International & Multicultural Programs Coordinator. 

Making matters worse, university professor Pawena Sirimangkala even signed the necessary documentation for the Project Veritas journalist to start the pro-ISIS club.  

"Unbelievably, just prior to signing the documentation, our journalist told Professor Sirimangkala that the name of the club had been changed," Project Veritas wrote, "but the mission of the club was going to remain the same. Incredulously, Professor Sirimangkala simply responded: ‘Perfect, perfect… I’ll sign… I’m glad to do it.’”

Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Last week, Project Veritas released a similarly shocking video exposing Assistant Dean at Cornell University, Joseph Scaffido, advising an investigative journalist disguised as a student on how to start and fund a pro-ISIS club on campus.

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