Shocking: Iraqi Parody Calls Obama a ‘Friend and Ally’ to ISIS Terrorists

Barbara Boland | March 3, 2015
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An MRCTV exclusive report

Obama is called a friend to terrorists in an Iraqi comedy, Egyptian pop song, and Saudi op-ed.

"President Obama" calls the Islamic State (ISIS) caliphate "my friend and ally" in a mocking comedic Youtube parody posted on the purported Facebook community page of the Iraq Army and Military Academy.

The sketch is called “The Caliphate and Obama” and shows the character of Obama winkingly expressing disapproval for ISIS and shock at their atrocities, while having drinks with and (literally) massaging the terrorist leader. [Viewer Warning: Video contains graphic language.]


The video starts with an ISIS terrorist (presumably ISIS' leader al Baghdadi) demanding a massage from an unveiled woman wearing a crop top and tight white booty-shorts, “Massage me well you infidel!” 

He receives a phone call and tells the caller to wait, “I must consult my military adviser… Do we need to evacuate the traffic control building in Mosul?” he asks.

The camera pans across the table and shows Obama’s finger waving “No.”

“How about the Military Academy building?”

Obama gives the thumbs up.

The terrorist tells the caller to have the military academy evacuated. “The building will be bombed by coalition aircraft!” he says. After hanging up the phone, he laughs and commands the woman, “Massage me well, you infidel!”

In the next scene, Obama toasts the ISIS terrorist and calls him habibi, which means “dear friend.”

Obama answers a telephone call, and in exaggerated tones feigns disbelief: “WHAT?! Daesh [this is the derisive Arabic title for ISIS] will slaughter a hostage from the USA? Oh my God! My heart cannot bear this news!”

He shouts: “I will annihilate ISIS! I will destroy ISIS!”

Then, slowly, “But this will need a little time.”

“F*** you ISIS!” Obama says, slamming the phone receiver down.

Obama turns to the terrorist, laughing, and picks up his drink, “Cheers, my friend!”

“I’m sorry for saying ‘F*** you ISIS,’ I just had to,” he explains.

“Never mind,” replies Baghdadi, smilingly enjoying his massage from the scantily-clad kafira (or “infidel.”) “Massage me well you infidel!”

In the third scene, Obama is massaging the terrorist’s leg when he receives another phone call with bad news.

“ISIS has slaughtered another American citizen?” he says, feigning shock. “I swear that I will destroy ISIS…. but this will need a little time…. WHAT?! They also slaughtered a British citizen?”

“Oh my God!” he says dramatically. “I swear I will destroy this terrorist organization!...but this will need a little time… WHAT?! They slaughtered a French citizen as well?...F*** ISIS!....I will show them what I can do, just give me a little time.

He hangs up the phone and returns to massaging Baghdadi’s leg: “Sorry, my friend, I had to say ‘F*** ISIS!’”

Obama tells Baghdadi that they are talking about bombing the city of Raqqa (ISIS’ capital.)  “Evacuate the exports and imports building,” Obama warns, because the U.S. plans to bomb it.

“Okay,” says Baghdadi. “Massage me well, you infidel! Do not stop! I am not that relaxed!”

This will need a little time,” laughs Obama, vigorously rubbing Baghdadi’s calf.

In the last scene, Obama is kneeling in an orange jumpsuit in front of a video camera, surrounded by ISIS militants and Baghdadi, who holds a knife menacingly near Obama’s neck.

“Hello American people, I have betrayed my friend and ally, the Caliphate, and he will slaughter me,” Obama says ruefully.

Then cheerily: “But do not worry! Continue the war against terrorism; we will exterminate ISIS, but this will need a little time!

“Go on, slaughter me!” Obama says, turning to Baghdadi.

“Do you have any last wish?” asks Baghdadi.

“Yes! You there, come here,” says Obama, nodding in the direction of the kafira. “Come here! Massage my shoulders!”

The scantily-clad woman steps towards him.

Obama then echoes Baghdadi, “Massage me well you infidel!”

-- Dialogue translated for MRCTV by Mohamed Reda Boulaich

This is not the only production where the Arab world is calling Obama a friend to terrorists; Breitbart first reported on the lyrics of a new song by popular Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim which accuse Obama of betraying his country, calling him “a coward” and “a traitor” who supports ISIS and Hamas.

Lyrics translated for MRCTV by Mohamed Reda Boulaich:

“We don’t want anything from you; Game over Obama! Egyptians are well aware of your relationship with ISIS and Hamas! You said, ‘as-salamu alaykum’ [peace be upon you] and tried to fool us, but you just came in order to divide us. Everything is crystal clear now; you have been exposed, Obama! Explain that to your dear Qatar, as well as [Turkish President] Erdogan. Make it clear to Erdogan you have been exposed, [terrorist sympathizing cleric] Qaradawi. You have betrayed your country, you traitor! It seems that you have become senile. Stop inciting and tell me how much money you were given. You coward, American infiltrator!”

Rahim then sings that Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates “and all the decent people” like King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia have supported Egypt and “did not abandon” Egypt “in its crisis”(presumably referring to the recent ISIS beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.) These countries “have done us great favors. I am not dissembling or ingratiating anymore,” sings Rahim.

This pop song makes crystal clear how far Obama has fallen in the eyes of the Egyptians since he gave his famous speech about the “Arab Spring” in Cairo. Rahim refers to this speech when he sings, “You said ‘as-salamu alaykum’ [peace be upon you] and tried to fool us. The meaning of the line is “you cannot fool us just by coming by and greeting us using our own language,” explains translator Mohamed Reda Boulaich.

Obama earned the ire of Egyptians for refusing to support Egypt’s bombing Libya after ISIS seized and beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, and had previously lost a lot of goodwill after the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of Egyptian President Morsi in July 2013.

In fact, Obama’s popularity has sunken so low in the Middle East that in several countries, he is less popular than George W. Bush was during his last year in office.

In 2014, just 10% of Egyptians have a favorable opinion of Obama; and countries in the Middle East have increasingly viewed Obama with distaste, according to data from the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project.

Government representatives from the Middle East do not openly call Obama a friend to terrorists, of course; their official positions require tact and diplomacy. But writers, actors and singers who have no such inhibitions, openly echo the sentiments of the people in their countries.

In a March 2, 2015 article published in Saudi daily Al-Jazirah that praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for addressing Congress, Saudi columnist Ahmad Al-Faraj calls President Obama an “ally of political Islam, [which is] the caring mother of [all] the terrorist organizations.”

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