Shocking Border Video Shows a Little Boy Abandoned in the Desert By Smugglers

Brittany M. Hughes | April 7, 2021
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A little boy was found wandering around in the Texas desert after being abandoned by human smugglers in yet another disturbing account from the border, where agents and immigration officials are struggling under a massive influx of illegal immigration spurred by President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. 

Video from the incident released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows tears streaming down the little boy’s face as he describes the harrowing ordeal to an off-duty border agent, after first being picked up by a motorist who noticed him wandering alone down a dirt road.

"I came with a group, they dumped me and I don't know where they are," the minor sobbed in Spanish. "They can rob me, kidnap me. I am afraid.”

The little boy added that he doesn't know where his mother or his father are.

The little boy, estimated to be about 10 to 12 years old, had reportedly spent the entire night alone in the desert.

Earlier this week, two other children were rescued by border agents after surveillance cameras showed them being shoved over the border wall by two adults. Several weeks ago, two other children, 3 and 5, were rescued after being tossed over a 14-foot section of border fence and left there. A few days later, border agents fished a 6-month-old baby girl out of the Rio Grande after she was tossed from an inflatable raft by human traffickers who had reportedly assaulted the little girl’s mother and left the woman with a broken leg.

The disturbing accounts of children being abandoned in the dangerous southwestern desert come amid a huge wave of illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America, as record numbers of migrants continue to cross - many of them undeterred - thanks to Biden's open-borders policies that encourage them to enter in droves seeking asylum.

Immigration officials expect more than 1 million illegal aliens - including 184,000 unaccompanied children - to cross this year alone, marking a 20-year high. In March, a shocking 171,000 illegal aliens were caught entering the country unlawfully, the highest single-month toal since 2006. Border agents have estimated another 1,000 or so illegal aliens are entering the country unpursued every day, as officials are overwhelmed dealing with the massive influx of families and unaccompanied children and teen.s