Shocker: ESPY Award Show About As Woke As You Would Expect

John Simmons | July 21, 2022
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The ESPYS are for sports what the Oscars have become for the film industry: a woke, virtue signaling TV segment where progressive values are celebrated and rich celebrities get to show off and act full of themselves. 

While there were some moments that were void of wokeness, three moments in particular stand out as especially nauseating.

Moment #1: Stephen Curry belittles his own children on stage

The Golden State Warriors point guard was being braggadocious about his objectively great season in which he broke the NBA’s all-time three point makes record, defeated the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals and got series MVP. But after his self-glorifying monologue, Curry took the time on national television to joke that he didn’t enjoy being around his kids during the offseason.

Curry meant for this to be a good-natured joke, but this was in incredibly poor taste, especially with his daughters in attendance. I get being a pro-athlete is hard work, especially when you play at the level Curry does. But to say that a three-week stretch in the offseason to celebrate birthdays and be a present father is an inconvenience to you shows that you might be more full of yourselves than you realize. Being a present, loving dad is the most important thing you could do as a man, and to joke about it being a burden with your daughters present is highly uncalled for.

Moment #2: Eileen Gu wins the “Best Athlete, Women’s Action Sports” Award

Gu is a globalist, plain and simple. She was born in the U.S. but skied for China in the latest edition of the Winter Olympics despite not renouncing her U.S. Citizenship. In an interview at the TIME 100 Summit in June, Gu unashamedly proclaimed that she was using sport to push globalism.

“I think that’s this beautiful example of globalism and of the capacity that we can use skiing and we can use sport and we can use winter sport to connect people,” she said. “Salt Lake specifically wants to become a global destination for athletes everywhere to come train there and they want to incorporate 15 new countries into the Winter Olympics. I think that’s something that’s really beautiful and I’ve always stood for that and so I’m really honored to be a part of the whole thing.”

So when she received her award, the ESPYS were making a statement that they were affirming her desire to spread globalism, which is another word for worldwide communism.

Oh, and Gu also took time to say that equality in women’s sports was something that needed to continuously fought for, despite the fact that no one knows what that looks like or means because the definition of female is constantly changing (according to progressives at least).

Moment #3: Seven female athletes whine about “equality” problem 

Seven prominent female athletes, including everyone’s favorite anti-American lesbian Megan Rapinoe, called for women to be respected and treated equally in sports.

While all of that is a load of nonsense and a bunch of woke word salad, Rapinoe’s words are the most confusing and laughably nonsensible. 

“It's exhausting trying to convince the world of our ability…of our humanity…of our worth. We’re not your charity, we’re not your measuring stick for whatever level of masculinity, and we are certainly not the shield you use to deny college athletes equal pay, or trans kids equal rights.”

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What does that even mean?

No one doubts that women have incredible ability as athletes, or that they are human and have great worth. Just because you may feel that’s the case, that doesn’t mean it's true. Also, if you’re for women having equal rights in sports, then why are you in the same breath advocating for the rights of trans children, who so often ruin women's sports when they are given “equality?”

Pick a side and stick with it Rapinoe. Better yet, don’t say anything at all.