Shirtless Headbanger Returns For Face-Off With Hurricane Florence

Nick Kangadis | September 14, 2018
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Lane Pittman clearly doesn’t like hurricanes. But, he also clearly loves America.

You might remember Pittman from a 2016 viral video in which he braved the elements shirtless — while carrying the American flag — during Category 2 storm, Hurricane Matthew. Well, he’s baaaaaack!

Pittman released a new video to his YouTube channel Friday showing him in Myrtle Beach, S.C. once again shirtless, and once again carrying the American flag while Heavy Metal music played in the background. The rain and 85 mph winds didn't stand a chance!

“Just being free and American,” Pittman told Fox Business Network. “I don't let nothing oppress me, especially no dang, freaking hurricane.”

He’s not kidding. Take a look:


Pittman is no stranger to hurricane danger. Here’s video of his face-off with 2016’s Hurricane Matthew:


I’m sorry. I know how dangerous riding out a major hurricane is, but that looks like a lot of fun. Now, someone get me a bar of soap so I can take full advantage of Florence’s week-long shower. 'Merica!

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