Shhh!!! The Biden Regime Doesn't Want You to Notice Gas Prices Going Back Up

Nick Kangadis | September 27, 2022
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If you haven’t seen or heard your favorite brainwashed leftist talk about gas prices in the last week or so, it’s probably because they can no longer claim that the prices are dropping — even though they’ve only been dropping from the all-time high that President Joe Biden’s regime facilitated in the first place.

After months of the national average prices for a gallon of gas falling from the regular unleaded all-time high of $5.016/gal., the price in the last week has gone back up over seven cents from $3.674/gal. to $3.747/gal., according to AAA.

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Except for diesel fuel, every grade of gas — even Ethanol (E85) — saw its national average for a gallon of gas go up over the past week.


Bolshevik Beijing Biden must not have gotten the memo, because he claimed on Monday that “in some few states [gas] is below three bucks.” And while that might be true at specific gas stations in certain states, the average hasn’t dipped below $3 in one single state.


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