Sheriff Clarke Calls Jill Stein 'An Attention Seeking Loser'

Zach Montanaro | November 29, 2016
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Milwaukee, Wisc. Sheriff David Clarke has a message for Jill Stein, and he isn’t pulling any punches.

“An attention seeking loser,” Clarke, a candidate to head the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump Administration, tweeted about the Green Party candidate. “Voters saw her as irrelevant. The surest way to integrity in elections is with voter ID.”

Clarke also tweeted a link to a story about Stein threatening to sue the Wisconsin Elections Commission in an effort to have votes recounted by hand. The Commission rejected the request earlier in the week, which means that officials in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties can decide for themselves whether to recount votes either by hand or by machines.

Stein has surprised many by launching an effort to have votes recounted in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She has managed to raise almost $7 million in just a few days to completely fund the efforts, more money than she raised during her entire presidential campaign. President-elect Trump has called the efforts a “scam” for the Green Party to “fill up their coffers,” while even some Democrats have panned the recount as “a waste of time.”

Stein herself received just barely over one percent of the vote in Wisconsin and Michigan, and under one percent in Pennsylvania.

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