Sheila Jackson Lee Says Reparations Could Have Kept Black People From Dying of COVID

Brittany M. Hughes | November 17, 2022
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I wonder if Sheila Jackson Lee wakes up in the morning and actively decides to sound like a moron, or if it just comes naturally. Then again, given the frequency with which it happens, I lean toward the latter.

In her latest bout of incoherence, the Texas congresswoman suggested on Capitol Hill Thursday that there’s a direct connection between slavery and black people dying of COVID before declaring that reparations could have lowered COVID deaths among black Americans.

“There is no doubt that we have been impacted..the DNA…and the trends…the trajectory of slavery to today. For example, uh, COVID. The black African Americans got COVID at a rate one and a half times higher than that of white people. Were hospitalized at a rate nearly four times higher and three times likely to die. COVID hit us very desperately," she said.

Still following? If your answer is, “No,” just know that I’m struggling, too.

“A peer-reviewed study from Harvard Medical School suggested reparations for African Americans could have cut COVID19 transmission and infection rates both among blacks and the population at large,” SJL went on.

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“Reparations are curative. They’re not punishment,” she added.

Of course, assuming SJL is referring to densely-packed urban minority communities and isn't simply suggesting that all black people are poor, it’s not immediately clear how paying people anything less than continuous exorbitant sums of money to artificially lift them out of poverty would have cut transmission rates for a virus that’s affected the vast majority of the population, and which even multiple doses of a so-called “vaccine” meant to inoculate people against COVID has failed to prevent infection and transmissibility.

It’s also not clear why race-baiting propagandists like Sheila Jackson Lee think it’s incumbent upon our current society to fork over taxpayer cash to people who were never slaves - or, to that end, how much money would be enough.

What is clear, though, is that it seems anyone with the intellectual capacity of a potato can get elected to Congress.