She Was Left to Die From Abortion Until One Nurse Heard a Cry

Brad Fox | February 16, 2015
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Melissa Ohden’s mother had an abortion to end her eight month-old child's life, but Melissa miraculously lived.

Her mother was in college and 19-years-old with no father to support her when she decided to terminate her unborn child with a saline abortion. This type of abortion involves injecting a toxic saline solution into the amniotic fluids surrounding the pre-born baby in the womb, scalding it to death from the outside in.

Melissa soaked in the solution of chemicals for five days until labor was induced and she was thought to be dead. 

A nurse happened to hear her muffled cry, and luckily Melissa's biological parents chose to give her up for adoption instead. 

In Melissa's own words:

"My parents saw the inherent beauty that existed in me. I want everyone to see that. If we look behind words, if we look behind numbers, this is what abortion looks like. This is what tens of millions of other children would look like . . . if only they were given the opportunityto live."