Shaun King Cries 'Racism' After Woman's Killer Is Identified As a Black Man

Brittany M. Hughes | February 7, 2017
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Perpetual race baiter and delusional MLK knockoff Shaun King, writing as a contributor for the New York Daily News, is now claiming that his own publication promoted “latent racism” when they described the black killer of a white New York City woman as being a "demon."

By now, most Americans are familiar with the tragic story of 30-year-old Karina Vetrano, a beautiful speech therapist and fitness junkie who was found beaten, raped and strangled to death in a marshy area of Howard Beach back in August. Her father called in her disappearance after Vetrano failed to return from a routine jog that evening. He eventually found his own daughter dead in the weeds.

Her murderer, caught just this past week, has been identified as 20-year-old Chanel Lewis, a black man with a reportedly deep-seated hatred of women who had no previous connection whatsoever with Karina.

And that’s about all it took for King (who, as a reminder, IS WHITE) to decide that any description or condemnation of Lewis simply must be racist.

In his detestable piece of op-ed idiocy, King -- we'll just call him "Talcum X" -- claimed he was put off by this “deeply problematic” headline in the New York Daily News describing Lewis’ arrest: "Demon in the Weeds: Woman-hating brute, 20, murdered park jogger, Karina."

King explained:

Now, the gut reaction of many who are not familiar to the racially charged history of some of those words, would wonder why I would even care what anyone said about a rapist and a murderer.

I care because in America, how one lone black man is viewed, trickles down in peculiar ways to how millions of black men are viewed. By in large, when a white man rapes and murders a woman, which has happened tens of thousands of times in this nation, it does not trickle down to how everyday Americans view white men in general. The reverse is damn true though.

King then launched into a nearly indecipherable diatribe regarding black versus white drug dealers and food stamp users before claiming that using the terms “demon” and “brute” to describe a black man is inherently racist, even if the guy’s a cold-blooded murderer with no apparent remorse.

An innocent young woman was found facedown, beaten, strangled and sexually violated, her father traumatized and her family shattered, and King’s chief concern is that describing her rapist and murderer in a non-politically correct manner might give black folks a bad rap.

How terribly sad must it be, to arrive at the place in one’s own soul that you can only view the world through the lens of race. When a dead woman is no longer the innocent victim of unspeakable evil, but rather a conduit for you to chide "white America" for…what, exactly? Accurately identifying and describing her attacker? Daring to post a picture that clearly shows Lewis as…well, black?

What perfect, politically correct amalgamation of words would have been appropriate for this headline?

Man of Non-White Skin Tone Kills Jogger; We Apologize For Slavery”?