Sharpton Dismisses Concern Over Sanders’ Socialist Label

Dan Montanaro | February 27, 2020
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Al Sharpton seems to think that presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ “socialist tag” doesn’t have anything to do with his plans for his presidency. While introducing the Vermont senator at a National Action Network event Tuesday, Sharpton’s remarks included an admonishment to voters to be wary of how Sanders has been labelled, and not to let that influence their decision.

“Do not go by those who use the socialist tag to try to separate us from what we need to do for this country. Because we’ve been down that road before, and we are not that stupid to allow you to tell us who is what.”

Sharpton also attempts to draw an odd comparison between Sanders and the all the major leaders of the 1960’s, saying that in both cases there were accusations of socialism or communism.

“They accused Dr. King of being a communist. Every major leader in the 60’s they tried to call socialist or communist.”

Of course, Bernie and some of his supporters have called themselves socialists, so perhaps there is something more to it.