'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens in London, Belgium, Sweden

Barbara Boland | November 13, 2014

“Ultimately I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head-to-toe; I want to see the hand of the thief cut; I want to see adulterers stoned; I want to see Sharia in Europe, and I want to see it in America as well,” says "Sharia Patrol" member Abu Rumaysah in an eye-opening interview with CBS correspondent Clarissa Ward.

The streets of London are an “alternate reality” at night, says CBS correspondent Clarissa Ward: Western women are abused, men who dare to drink alcohol or gamble are harassed by Sharia patrols.

“You may not dress like that in Muslim area!” the Sharia patrols shout, calling a woman in a short skirt “a prostitute.”

“You’re dirty, mate! You’re gay, mate! You need to get out of here,” the patrols shout at another man they call a “fag” and assume is gay.

When Ward interviews Rumaysah, one has a glimpse into the mindset of those enforcing Sharia, and it is frightening:

“The only thing I would say is that in America and in the United Kingdom, we have a system: democracy,” begins Ward.

 “A backwards one,” says Rumaysah.

“But it's a system...” she continues.

“A barbaric one,” he interrupts.

“...that allows the people to choose what they want and allows people freedom,” Ward says.

“So why can't I choose Sharia?” asks Rumaysah. “When in Rome, overthrow Caesar and commit Sharia.”

“In your home, you can do whatever you want,” says Ward patiently.

“But what about in the public?” replies Rumaysah angrily. “Why can't I tell you to cover up? Am I free to say that?”

“Because it would be outrageous,” replies Ward. “Of course, you're not...”

“So where's my freedom? Where's my freedom?!” he shouts back petulantly.

“You can say it to me, but you...”

“Okay. So cover up. Wear the hijab,” replies Rumaysah.

London isn’t the only place in Europe where this is happening – in Belgium, girls in bikinis are attacked, Jewish and Christian symbols vandalized, and in Muslim neighborhoods Sharia is enforced, CBN reports.


And a new Swedish police report identifies 55 “no-go” zones controlled by Islamic extremists, where even police officers need police protection, and postal and fire services cannot enter without it.

“They are de facto Muslim micro-states under Sharia law that reject Western values, society and legal systems,” reports Investors Business Daily. “In these districts non-Muslims are expected to conform to the dictates of fundamentalist Islam or face violent consequences.”

“A pair of policemen in May were in pursuit of a suspect and unwisely entered the no-go zone of the southern city of Landskrona,” reports The Daily Caller. “Their car was rammed and the officers were forced out of the car. They were cornered by a crowd of some 50 hostile thugs and drew their weapons to hold them back and called for immediate backup.”

From The Daily Caller:

“Several nearby patrol cars responded to the call and sped towards the scene, only to be ordered to stop half a mile away — just outside the no-go border. The police commander didn’t send the backup units in, fearing escalation and all-out war. 

“Swedish police have not seriously tried to contest the zones since the 2013 Stockholm ghetto riots in which hundreds of cars and buildings were burned,” says Investors Business Daily. “The police report that there are now vehicle checkpoints operated by Muslim gangs on the borders of these zones”

"A more precise name for these zones," says Middle Eastern expert Daniel Pipes, "would be Dar al-Islam — the House of Islam or the place where Islam rules."